Examples of Uses

The Leisure Floats can be used in no end of situations. Examples include:

  • Temporary walkway’s
  • Working platforms
  • Access across ground that is insufficiently stable for walking
  • Vehicular access

Events, such as;

  • Marina’s for shows or exhibitions
  • Platform for setting off fireworks, swimming/canoe, start platforms
  • Working platforms for construction companies, including bridge inspection and maintenance, marina maintenance and access for small and medium sized excavators
  • Working platforms for boat yards,
  • Pump platforms
  • Work platforms for specialist machinery or monitoring equipment
  • Landing stages, slipways, "drive on platforms"
  • Temporary access for hard to access shore lines
  • Temporary walkways for marinas, rowing clubs and other sports organisations
  • Inshore and open water platforms for swimming and diving
  • Specialist leisure platforms for tourist beaches and lakes