How to Assemble

Simple three step assembly:

(1) Pontoon Hire - Leisure Floats have four connecting lugs. Each lug is distinctly marked with one, two, three, or four dots, ensuring the right assembly sequence.

(2) Single Leisure Float units slide together to form one section of floating dock. Simply arrange the units so that the centre logo of each unit faces the same direction. This automatically places the dots in an anti-clock-wise sequence.

(3) A connecting pin is inserted into the holes of the over-lapping lugs and locked into place. A 45° turn of the pin with the Leisure Float assembly key will lock or unlock the assembly. (The dock cannot be disassembled without the key.)

Extras available:

  • Stanchions / Handrails
  • Cleats
  • Fenders
  • Outboard motor brackets
  • Threaded pins for attaching scaffold
  • Bathing / Access Ladders



Platform and ladder:
Platform and ladder

Simple access pontoons:
Simple access pontoons

Leisure floats jetty:
Leisure floats jetty