Pontoon Hire : Events on Water

Pontoon Hire has established itself as a leading provider of “Working on Water” solutions.  If you need to work on or near water, have ground that is not suitable to work from directly Pontoon Hire can provide a solution.

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Pontoon Hire - Leisure Events, is a newly formed arm of Pontoon Hire Ltd which has been created due to the success of our more industrial floating access solutions arm.

Having listened to our customer base over the years and realised that there is a need to provide a less robust and therefore more cost effective system of floating access solutions.

We have added to our inventory “Pontoon Hire - Leisure Floats”.

These units are extremely versatile and robust. They are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) include a percentage of recycled material.

Simple connecting lugs are used to join and lock the individual units together. These units can be assembled into any format the user wishes and therefore the options are endless.

Some of the main advantages to these units are:

  1. Ease of assembly, installation and dismantling
  2. No assembly cranes required
  3. Extreme flexibility, any design of ½ x 1 metre
  4. Extreme durability, no material fatigue
  5. Assembly possible in narrow and inaccessible sites
  6. Partial assembly on land and completion on water
  7. No sharp edges or corners
  8. Smooth surface eliminates danger of injuries
  9. Possible to ballast individual units to allow adjustment of freeboard
  10. Carrying capacity can be increased by multiple layering
  11. Resistant to saltwater, acids and alkali
  12. Any no. of units can be joined to make any shape or size.

...are just some of the main advantages to this system.

We believe this product can provide both our existing and new clients, with a cost effective product that would suit almost any water based project.